A Guide to the basics of Steel Ocean

Nations Overview
At this point Steel Ocean there are 6 different nations to choose from (technicaly 4)
Here are their uses:

United Kingdom - Good for scouting, and AA, only have Carriers and Destroyers (will probrably get more ships in the future as it is a new nation)

Japan - Tank nation, good at defence, but with slower ships

Germany - Superb U-Boats (submarines), no destroyers or aircraft carriers :-(

United States of America - All around good nation with balanced ships

Communist China - One premium destroyer (wont write much about this until more ships)

France - One premium submarine (same as last)
Classes Overview and What to Use for What
So far in Steel Ocean there are 5 classes,
I am putting letters on them because I don't have the time to write it out. (or do I?)

Aircraft Carriers (CV) - They carry aircraft... what else to say?

Battleships (BB) - torpedo magnet Sniping Juggernaut.

Cruisers (C) - Jack of all trades.

Destroyers (DD) - Fast ships, many torpedoes, good for recon, and submarine killers.

Submarines (SS) - noob ship that is used way too much Armed only with torpedoes and a small armament, and can submerge itself to make it (partially) hidden.

Its a good idea to remember what ships are good against others: (basicly like RPS)

Everything kills Aircraft carriers (and vice versa)
Destroyers kill Submarines
Submarines kill Battleships
Battleships kill Cruisers
Cruisers kill Destroyers

Aircraft Carriers
Aircraft carriers... carry aircraft! When controlling your aircraft you get a nifty overhead view of the map. You can send out 4 types of aircraft out:

Scout Planes - Used for scouting! Cant defend themselves so make sure they don't get fired upon.

Fighter Planes - Used for taking down enemy planes, not much else.

Torpedo Bombers - Used for taking out those larger Battleships, other Carriers, or even subs. THEY CAN HIT A SUB AT MAX DEPTH. The dive bomber also has very low accuracy and damage. Torpedo bombers can flood an area with torpedoes to cause a sub to: (A) Sink or (B) Dive deeper, and make it come up sooner. (credit to ewjo03)

Dive Bombers - (not kamikaze) Used for smaller ships that can dodge those torpedoes.

The armament on the aircraft carrier is very limited, no torpedoes, and barely any cannons, but luckily they have a TON of AA guns.
Battleships are the tank class of Steel Ocean. High amount of hitpoints, and super slow. These are good at sniping the enemy at long distance and have an insane amount of guns. Submarines will flock to you like theres no tommorow. What many people dont know is that torpedoes actually have a minimum and maximun range they can be used, so don't be afraid of that torpedo spam from far away! If its far enough away it will either hit something, or explode after its traveled far enough. The only way for you to take out the submarines is to wait for it to surface or call for a destroyer to take it out, so be careful.
There are two types of cruisers:

Light Cruisers - Fast and light(ish)ly armed

Heavy Cruisers - Slower and heavilier (is that a word?) armed

These are good at taking out destroyers for their speed over battleships but don't expect to go rambo and win.
Torpedo Boat Destroyers
As their name suggests, Torpedo Boat Destroyers have a LOT of torpedoes. Their main function is scouting and taking out submarines with depth charges. Since they are decently fast you should have no problem sailing up to that submarines front door and introduce yourself with a depth charge! Once you get close enough to the subs they will not be able to retaliate because torpedoes have to go a distance untill they can explode (can be good and bad at times)!
Submarines (U-Boats)
Submarines, AKA "Underwater-Boats", go underwater! You cant go underneath the whole game so you need to be smart on when and where you decide to dive. Your main weapon is the torpedo! You will want to go for heavier cruisers and battleships because of their limiteed maneuverability.
Commanders give traits that are used to buff your ships stats during battle. You can earn them through completing Events (quests), or you can manually recruit them using Gold or Merit. When you fight battles with commanders they will level up, and after certain levels they start giving you more traits. Putting commanders in certain positions will also give boost in stats, and the commander set as captain can use a special skill during battle that gives a temporary boost to a certain stat.
Fleets are a type of group for playing with friends and/or skilled players.

You can join a fleet when...
A) You own a tier 2 ship

You can create a fleet when...
A) You own a tier 4 ship
B) You have the 150,000 Silver required to buy one
The Very Honorabre Ram
If you've played Steel Ocean long enough then you have probrably seen rammers a couple of times.

If you happen to be targeted by these A) Honorable Japanese OR B) Trolls who want to take you down with them, then an easy way to avoid is to face your ship's frontside towards them so they have a lower chance to hit part of you, unless you have a Battleship in which case you should just shoot him and type TROLOLOL into chat. 

Example of trying to do the honorabre ram against a Battleship